Welcome to CWIS

Our Mission

Children’s World International School is an educational institution that seeks to create leaders and encourages....

Core Values

We work with our students to help them develop the confidence they need for a successful future. Our professional content always works to improve student's lives.

Project Based Learning.

We place an emphasis on our students' skills, and give them better prospects for development. We use STEM to integrate the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Parents Handbook

The Student/Parent Handbook is prepared to assist each student and parent understand our school's policies and its operation.


CWS KG campus was established in 1985, it housed KG and nursery classes.

In Year 1988

We added lower elementary grades for girls

In Year 1990

In 1990 the girls’ elementary section moved to the new campus that houses grade 1-12.


We firmly think that providing students with a beautiful setting and art will help them learn.

Robotics Lab

Robotics Invention will take our students to the moon

Science Labs

Students in these classrooms are working on scientific research and applied sciences

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