High School

Grades 10 - 12,
Each student has access to a designated college guidance counselor as they enter their final years of education to help them establish their high school plan.

CWIS puts a lot of effort into helping our young high school students build their future careers and achieve their goals in life.

CWIS high school curricula is tailored to accommodate our young students’ specific demands as well as their physical and social-emotional growth, and supports Project-Based Learning.

Students will start to concentrate on subject-specific  classes, ongoing advanced mathematics.

CWIS curricula provides our students with English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Computer, Business, Marketing, Art, PE, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Arabic Social Studies.

Students enjoy 3 weekly sessions of activities including Art crafts, Music, Gymnastics, Cooking, field trips etc.

Clubs & Activities

The clubs' goal is to provide all students with the chance to discover and cultivate their talents and perform for their friends and the local community.

Recycle Club

With these innovative ideas and initiatives, CWIS enables students to take recycling to a whole new level.

Field Trips

Field trips offer the academic staff and students wonderful chances to relax , team building, discover and explore the outdoor environment, and have fun.