Middle School

Grades 7 - 9,

CWIS middle school curricula is tailored to accommodate young adolescents’ specific demands as well as their physical and social-emotional growth, and supports Project-Based Learning.

As they proceed to high school, students will start to concentrate on subject-specific science classes, ongoing advanced mathematics.

CWIS curricula provides our students with English, Math, Science, Social Studies, French, Computer, Art, PE, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Robotics, Arabic Social Studies and Tahfeez.

Students enjoy 3 weekly sessions of activities including Art crafts, Music, Gymnastics, Ballet, Cooking, field trips etc.

Supporting and Integrating Culture

Our growing students require guidance and counseling in supporting and accepting one another.

Future Goals

Students should focus on choosing their prospective colleges as they approach high school.

Cultural identity

Cultural identity instructions are provided by our teachers, to help preserve identity background