In simple language, a robot is a programmable machine or a gadget automated to follow input commands or a set of instructions to reduce human tasks. Robots consist of sensors and processing units that help them perceive their environment, and the actuators and motors help them to move their legs and limbs.

Robotics in our school.

We started introduce Robotics in Elementary and Middle school sections since 2019. Our teams have  participated  in several national competitions, like WRO,FLL, and we won several prizes.

Why Should Every Child Learn Robotics and Coding?

The paper claims that while robotics may seem excessively complicated and difficult for young students, engaging in it can aid in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Naturally, it also exposes kids to abstract concepts at a young age. But there’s more! One of the finest ways for kids to learn programming, problem-solving techniques, creative thinking, and scientific and math principles is through robotics.